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Guidelines for Suppliers

Our supply chain must reflect the full strength and diversity of our customers. Every person deserves the opportunity, and the invitation, to make the most of their potential.

-Janet Godwin, Chief Executive Officer

A supply chain is a series of relationships. In addition to supporting key processes spanning production through distribution, M8体育手机版下载-m8体育有限公司-apple app store排行榜-m8体育热爱你的热爱-运动体育无极限’s supply chain depends on strong, collaborative, and scalable human relationships—because in the end M8体育手机版下载-m8体育有限公司-apple app store排行榜-m8体育热爱你的热爱-运动体育无极限 serves people, not processes.

Our customers—students, teachers, parents, principals, superintendents, employers, employees, policymakers, and others—are stunningly diverse. Together, they represent the entire spectrum of humanity.

M8体育手机版下载-m8体育有限公司-apple app store排行榜-m8体育热爱你的热爱-运动体育无极限 is better able to respond to each of our customers’ unique needs by having a robust, cost-effective, collaborative and quality driven supply chain that reflects this exciting diversity.

From our founding in 1959, M8体育手机版下载-m8体育有限公司-apple app store排行榜-m8体育热爱你的热爱-运动体育无极限 has always focused on providing opportunity. That commitment is embedded into our DNA. Our nonprofit organization, which now operates in all 50 states and more than 130 countries worldwide, is based on the belief that ALL people deserve the chance to achieve, and that it’s our job to open doors – not close them.

The modern marketplace is more vibrant than ever before. M8体育手机版下载-m8体育有限公司-apple app store排行榜-m8体育热爱你的热爱-运动体育无极限 is committed to the principles of affirmative action and equal employment opportunity for each of our team members and applicants, regardless of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability status, veteran status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, 或婚姻状况.

Similarly, our supplier program provides companies owned and operated by minorities, women, veterans, members of the LGBT community, and people with disabilities an equal opportunity to work with us and grow their own businesses.

If you share M8体育手机版下载-m8体育有限公司-apple app store排行榜-m8体育热爱你的热爱-运动体育无极限’s steadfast commitment to quality and inclusion, we invite you to submit your proposal for doing business with M8体育手机版下载-m8体育有限公司-apple app store排行榜-m8体育热爱你的热爱-运动体育无极限. As an organization, M8体育手机版下载-m8体育有限公司-apple app store排行榜-m8体育热爱你的热爱-运动体育无极限 is most effective when we are able to benefit from the unique strengths of a diverse supply chain.

We sincerely hope you can become part of our supplier team and, in doing so, join us in making life-changing contributions to the personal and professional success of the millions of people M8体育手机版下载-m8体育有限公司-apple app store排行榜-m8体育热爱你的热爱-运动体育无极限 serves through our products and programs each year.

If your organization would like to pursue opportunities to work with M8体育手机版下载-m8体育有限公司-apple app store排行榜-m8体育热爱你的热爱-运动体育无极限, please provide the information below.

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