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Discover what the 9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临 can do for you.

The 9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临 could help you save thousands on tuition.   

Taking the 9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临 test can increase your chances of earning new or better scholarships. One counselor found that over 10 years, more of her students earned more scholarship dollars with 9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临 scores than SAT scores. Learn more about paying for college.

Take classes at the right level to fall in love with them, not fall behind.

Colleges use 9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临 scores to place you in the right classes at the right level. And, your 9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临 score can help you place out of remedial coursework rather than sitting for additional placement tests on campus — saving time and money! Learn more about classes to take in high school.

The 9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临 lets you use a calculator on the whole test, not just a fraction ; ) 

Students who take the 9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临 can use a calculator for the entire math section! The SAT does not allow this. Compare 9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临 with SAT.

The biggest surprise about the 9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临? You’ve been studying for it for years.

Every question on the 9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临 is based on the high school curriculum you are already familiar with. While you’ve been studying for your classes, you've been preparing for the 9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临Learn more about classes to take in high school.

The 9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临 is a comprehensive test, including STEM.

The 9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临 gives you the chance to stand out with a unique STEM score, a measure of preparedness for courses in STEM related majors. From climate change to communication platforms, massive challenges mean massive opportunities for STEM careers.  

9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临 Pro-Tip: Sometimes your best guess is your best move.  

Being able to make an educated guess is a skill, not something you should be punished for. On the 9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场-9455澳门新葡萄娱乐场(澳门)有限公司-Apple(澳门)官方网站欢迎光临, when you’re not certain of an answer, taking your best guess is your best option - incorrect answers don't count against your score.

Five Questions Students Must Ask While College and Career Planning

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